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Themotherofgeckos   Triston Wasmund  

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 Pea freshwater pufferfish tips

I wanted to know if anyone had any tips for someone who is getting new freshwater pufferfish. I am going to get mine soon but I just wanted to soak up as much info about them as I can, so if you have any beginner tips just tell me

01/28/18  10:51am


Triston Wasmund
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  Message To: Themotherofgeckos   In reference to Message Id: 2321849

 Pea freshwater pufferfish tips

INSTEAD OF THIS WEBSITE TRY FISHLORE.COM, there are so many people on there and you can ask any question you want!! But anyhow you will need a pretty well planted tank, all of the other information can be found on, its a fish forum just like this one i use, but there are over hundreds of people answering or posting questions on there a day!! Let me know if you sign up!!

01/30/18  03:59pm

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