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 Betta fish checklist

Hi guys! I’m new here on repticzone.
I was planning to get a betta fish soon (maybe, maybe not)
Here’s my checklist so far, tell me if I need to add anything.
3-5 gallon fish tank (I will try to go for 5)
5 gallon filter
Water dechlorinator
Food (duh) any recommendations? Brand? Type of food? I’d prefer pellets of flakes
I will also take any care tips! Thriving not surviving!😉

06/10/17  09:59pm


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  Message To: Mojo!   In reference to Message Id: 2320739

 Betta fish checklist

thats all what ya need. id use bettamin for a food

06/16/17  06:33am


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  Message To: Mojo!   In reference to Message Id: 2320739

 Betta fish checklist

Hey, welcome to RepticZone, I would highly recommend 5g, and the only things you could keep in this small of a tank is pretty limited. Heres some of them, snails, shrimp, betta, thats mostly all the things I would say in that small of an aquarium, In tips of surviving make sure to pick out a pretty betta, that you can decide on, make sure for no heavy breathing that can be caused of stress, but you would like a non tor fins, and healthy coloring. I would say a sponge filter, sponge filters don’t cause any heavy flow, and do great in smaller aquariums. You can do mostly anything suitable filter for your aquarium just make sure the flow is not to heavy for the betta. When you get your betta, if you are looking for tank mates, I would say the most suitable is some ghost shrimp. :) Gravel, and decor are not that picky of a catagory, just make sure you like the color of your gravel, and thats mostly it. For the decor and plants, is just make sure they will not be able to tear the betta’s fins. Conditioner, I would highly recommend Seachem Prime, its really easy to use, you would easily just say a reasonable amount for a 5-gallon, and after that just carefully pour into your tap water, and it gets to work of conditioning the water, just do this every weekly water change, I would recommend every week do a 25% water change. Food? I recommend doing Omega One - Betta Buffet Flakes/Pellets, and Omega One - Betta Buffet Bloodworms. Tips of Survival? All I can say is make sure to cycle your tank, and keep the water at a reasonable temperature, and keep it clean, if your not sure of cycling just contact me, and I can help you step by step. ;)

07/11/17  11:43am

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