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 Koi goldfish help

I am investing in a 125 gal tank for a few goldfish and koi. 4 fancy goldfish and 3 koi. Considering on how big these fish get, I figured a 125 gal would be perfect! I will not be buying my fish fully grown. I will be buying them young and from an upstanding petshop that meets quality fish standards and not walmart or other crappy store standards.
(I would do an outdoor pond but it gets waaaaaaay too cold up here in the winter and raccoons will end up having an all you can eat meal first night the fish are here. And I also have a golden retriever that will try to use the pond for swimming in.)

My issue is what type of lighting and filtration will I need for a 125 gal tank of pretty much a prettier type of carp?
I do not want to put in the wrong type of filtration and stress out my fish. A stressed pet causes me stress. I do not like stress.

If anyone can offer any more advice other than filtration please mention it! Be more than happy to hear!

Note: I am mobile so please ignore any spelling errors.

12/30/14  12:25am


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  Message To: Jak90   In reference to Message Id: 2311522

 Koi goldfish help

I forgot to include what plants should I put in and what ones should I avoid?
I do not want to put in fake plants as it will injure the fish but I also know that these fish will try to eat real plants that I put in. Any suggestions?

12/30/14  01:08am


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  Message To: Jak90   In reference to Message Id: 2311523

 Koi goldfish help

If you aren’t sure what plants to put, put plastic plants or something. June 2016 my grandparents will order koi and dig a hole for the pond. I’ll get more searchy about koi then.

12/23/15  02:33pm

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