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 Help! I have Water Scorpions/Water Sticks in my pond!

I usually put my goldfish in the pond for the summer and back in the inside aquarium in the winter. This year I bought more feeder goldfish, to eat the mosquito larvae, and they seemed to be dieing horribly.

I found a huge water scorpion, stick shaped and the body is 4 inches long, in my larger pond, about 125 gallons. It is brown and swam slowly, like a squid, away from me when I tried to pick it up out of the water. I thought a walking stick had somehow gotten dropped into the water and I wanted to rescue it before the fish ate it. When I saw it swimming like it did, I had to look it up.

Water scorpions are insects and have a beak that they use to inject venom into their prey to sedate and then eat it. They eat tadpoles, small fish, mosquito larvae, and other water insects. There are 2 kinds, 1 looks like a leaf and the other looks like a stick.

Now all of my remaining fish are back in my aquariums.

How do I get rid of this predator so I can put my fish back in their pond?
Also, my other smaller pond has tadpoles in it and I don’t want the scorpion to get in there and eat them.

07/20/14  05:35pm

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