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 Anyone here have a reef tank?

Hello all :)
I usually hang over in the reptile section but wander over here from time to time..
Keeping animals is not new to me, and fish are no exception.
I had been out of the reefing game for some time now, about two years, since i have moved to FL, But recently set up a new tank.

Past tanks:
-Two 10 gal. planted freshwater tanks for breeding swordtails and mollies.
-125 gal. FOWLR SW tank that housed a Naso, powder brown, powder blue, and yellow tang.
-75 gal. SW Coral frag tank and fish grow out tank (also doubled as quarantine tank)
-90 gal. SW show reef tank filled with assorted sps, lps, softs, zoos, leathers, favia/ lobo.
Pair of true perc. clowns, mandarin dragonet, yellow tang,blue hippo tang, and jawfish.

Current tanks:

-5.5 gal Pico reef tank stocked with a firefish and a yellow watchman goby, candy cane, zoos, mushrooms, toadstool, purple sea whip, favia, and montipora.
-One happy healthy crowntail betta :)
-50 gal. (under construction, being converted to full scale show tank, going to be sps dominant if i ever get it going!)

Curious to see if anyone else here has meddled in saltwater!
Happy herping! (or reefing :3 )


06/12/13  11:40pm

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