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Huntsabo10   Bustarhyme  

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I just got my new iguana literally 1 day ago when u brought him home and put him in the cage I noticed one of his arms are swollen or bigger than the other. He does not use this leg whatsoever when he walks he kind picks it up and walks with the other leg. I don’t know what to do if it helps I might post a picture if anyone needs it to look at it BUT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

12/17/12  09:43pm


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  Message To: Huntsabo10   In reference to Message Id: 2287801


Definetly post a picture it will make it alot easier for people to see and help you decided wether it’s just irritated, broken or just due to poor shedding that has happened to my chinese water dragon before but he didn’t avoid use on the leg

12/19/12  09:07pm

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