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 I need to fill my tank!!! Please Help

Hi guys, currenty I have a 10g setup with 3 tiger barbs and a synodosis catfish i have had that setup going for about 7 months so i wanted to go a little bigger. I told my uncle since he is into fish if he could maybe get me a 45g or so for christmas because i really want cichlids. Funny enough, about two weeks later he calls me saying his friend is getting rid of a 30 gallon tank. So i told him i would take it. When i got the tank there was about 10inches of water and the water was absolutly brown. It was disgusting and to top that all off, 4 fish were living in it. A 10in iridesecent catfish shark, a small serpae tetra and some type of rasbora and a 7in marble sailfin cat. I completly changed the water and scrubbed the tank for over an hour than i added the fish after the water adjusted to 75 or so degrees. I returned the shark because it was to big for a 30g and i bought a pearl gourami. I feel that the tank is empty and i want to know some cool looking, easy to care for fish that i could buy! Please Respond, Thanks :)

12/17/12  08:35pm

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