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 Betta Fish Myths ?

Hi all,

I’m from Canada, and for as long as I can remember, people have been keeping betta fish in small vases without heaters or filters.

Since acquireing two bettas for myself , I have done some research and most of the info I found says you do need a heater and filter, because they are tropical fish.

Now, In all the pet shops around my area, and the walmart, all the betta fish are kept in small glasses without no heat or filter.

And when you buy them the employees tell you "what you need to know" for your betta; they give you treatment for tap water, and tell you to change the water every 7 to 10 days. They never said anything about heat or filters.

So, I just decided to post this to see what are peoples different opinions about the bettas on this forum.

As for me, my fishs they seem very happy in there little tanks with decorations and plants.

08/07/11  01:26pm


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  Message To: EleninMay   In reference to Message Id: 2232062

 Betta Fish Myths ?

Mine stay in vases with no plants and seem happy swimming around the vase all day eying the other Betta’s. I have 3 Betta’s, a male Siamese fighter, a Siamese/plakat female mix, and a male Veiltale Betta.

08/07/11  07:40pm


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  Message To: AnoleQueeeeen   In reference to Message Id: 2232115

 Betta Fish Myths ?


08/14/11  01:28am


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  Message To: EleninMay   In reference to Message Id: 2232780

 Betta Fish Myths ?

But I don’t trust the chemicals to change the chlorine water to purified water so I boil water from the faucet for 30 minutes and let it set at room temperature for 15 hours :P

08/14/11  02:28pm


Lizards and more
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  Message To: AnoleQueeeeen   In reference to Message Id: 2232810

 Betta Fish Myths ?

Bettas don’t need plants to oxygenate the water because they are one of the few fish that can breathe from the surface. You don’t need a filter as bettas are very clean and not messy like goldfish and if you clean it once a week you’re good to go. For a heater you may need one, it depends on the room temp.

08/14/11  02:57pm


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  Message To: Lizards and more   In reference to Message Id: 2232813

 Betta Fish Myths ?

You don’t need a heater for bettas, and if you are fine with cleaning once a week you don’t need a filter.

08/14/11  03:26pm


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  Message To: Dalime   In reference to Message Id: 2232818

 Betta Fish Myths ?

i keep mine a 2.5 gallon bowfront made by aqueon. it comes with a filter that works great. i have some gravel and plants in there. i moniter the temperature and make sure it doesnt drop below 75. if it does i have a mii heater i can turn on and off to fix it

08/16/11  09:41pm


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  Message To: Lizardman24   In reference to Message Id: 2233047

 Betta Fish Myths ?


Most things that pet stores will tell you about bettas are untrue, so I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

Betta fish do need a heater, unless you have a room that is around 78-82ºF and never fluctuates more than a degree. I should be an adjustable heater though, because that way you can set it to the right temp.

Betta fish should be kept in tanks of 2 US gallons minimum. Bigger is better though, and 5-10 gallons is perfect.

Betta fish cannot feed on solely plant roots. They are carnivores, and need some sort of meaty Betta food with as little wheat-and-grain based fillers as possible. Omega One and New Life Spectrum Betta pellets are both great Betta foods. Make sure you vary your Betta’s diet with supplements like bloodworms and daphnia from time to time.

frequent water changes must be performed. This means twice weekly for tanks under 5 gallons, and once weekly for 5 gallon and up tanks. Water testing is also a good idea.

Female bettas should only be kept together under these circumstances:

1. The females are not too aggressive.
2. you will be keeping at least 4 females together.
3. the tank you’ll be keeping them in is at least 10 gallons, heavily planted, and has multiple hides.

Male bettas should never ever be kept together.*

Male bettas should never be kept with females* unless you are breeding them. Make sure you do tons of research before trying any attempts at breeding.

I am part of the forum, and that is where I found all of this out. I currently own 5 happy bettas. :)

Tell me if you have any more questions!


*This only applies to Betta Splendens. There are other types of betta that can be kept in tanks with multiple males and females and that are peaceful. The type sold in pet stores are splendens, the aggressive type.

05/16/13  02:02am

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