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 Help 1st salt tank

I work at a pet shop and I sell saltwater tanks and set ups and I should be able to answer this question which I can. I just want your input, this will be my first saltwater tank, I love freshwater tanks so I know the basics on tanks. However this will be my first salt water tank and i just want a small one I’m thinking about doing just a ten gallon.

So here is my question I was wondering if a maroon clown a bubble tip anemone and a domino damsel will get along.

I know that the maroon clown will host the bubble tip but i was wondering if i can also add shrimp and snails and if there is any other fish I can put in their remember its only a ten gallon tank.

Also i was wondering if a 20-50 gallon overhang filter will be good enough for the filtration. I think it will but I’m not sure.

I know how to feed. I know how to do the water changes. I know how to run the tests.

I’m just unsure about the fish that I should add to the tank.

Also I’m wondering if 10 lbs of live rock will be good enough for the jump start of bacteria(I’malso going to go with live sand as well) or should i go with 20 lbs.

I’m not sure.

please help

thank you in advance

-Exotic pets employee

07/22/11  11:40pm


Iguana Momma
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  Message To: Exoticpetsemployee   In reference to Message Id: 2230186

 Help 1st salt tank

Honestly of this is you first sw tank I would go with a bigger tank. It’s leaves more room for mistakes. Also a ten gallon is pretty small for even just one maroon clown. I wouldnt go below a 20 gallon for just him. Also you will need to have your tank set up for at least six months before you add a anemone. Newer tanks just cannot support them and you will need at least t5s to keep it but I would go with metal halides. And it is not a sure thing the clown will host. Some never do. I thought mine never would until finally a year later they started hosting my hammer corals. And snails are a must and also hermit crabs and such for a clean up crew. Shrimp would be fine with a clown as well. I wouldn’t even do a hob filter they are not made for saltwater. Sand tends to breaks them. I would do a sump and obviously a protein skimmer is very important too. I also work at a pet store and I have a 120 mixed reef tank at home. Saltwater tanks are the most wonderfull thing on earth but you need to do ALOT of reaserch before you even start or else you may end up crashing the tank and having to start all over. Since you work at anpetstore that’s a bonus because you will get employee discounts on all the expensive equipment lol. But if I were you I would start with the biggest tank I could afford again because the more water volum the better plus everyone who starts a sw tank end up upgrading pretty quick once they realize they need a lot more room for the fish they want to keep lol you can’t keep a blue hippo tang in anything smaller then a 90 gallon tank IMHO. Are you planning on FOWLR or going reef?

12/08/11  11:11am

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