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Exoticpetsemployee   Mr Aquarium  

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 Breeding plecos

hey my dad has a pind n i catch big wild plecos in florida about 2 ft or more n i was wondering if they would breed i hav about 50 of them in a 20 ft long by 10 ft wide n 3 foot deep man made pond on my dads farm n if so when would they we also hav bass bream koi n golds n gouramis n there please n thank you

07/12/11  09:52pm


Mr Aquarium
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  Message To: Exoticpetsemployee   In reference to Message Id: 2228790

 Breeding plecos

More then likely these are the common plecos they sell at Walmart if they get this big, they are poop machines and that many that big might not be a good idea, a couple or so in your pond would be about all i would do if it was me.

03/18/12  07:43am

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