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Dalime   Rae rae  
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 Neon Tetras

Just went and bought m’self 4 neon tetras (which in my opinion is the coolest fish in the tank). If you have any oddball facts or care tips, that would be great!

P.S I might be starting my first saltwater tank soon! Would a anemone and a clownfish work for a 10 gallon tank?

02/07/11  09:00pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Dalime   In reference to Message Id: 2203671

 Neon Tetras

all i know is they seem to be REALLY sensitive. i have red minor tetras and neons. before i knew it 2 of my neons died...without warning. any change in anything affects them greatly. any subtle change in ph, alkalinity, etc, seems to make them kill over. i guess my opinion would be even though tetras seem to he hardier than other fish, neons are at the bottom of the hardy tetra list. it’s like they are parakeets in a bird world... don’t live as long and sensitive to everything. just my opinion.

02/11/11  11:20pm

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