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 Feeding plecos

Hello people I have a question about how I am feeding my blue phantom pleco,I got him about 1 month ago and my tank already has 2 silver dollars,1 tiger,and 1 parot fish,it is a 50 gal bow front and it was clear as day before I put the pleco in,within this month I have been alternating zuccini,romaine lettuce,cucumber,and also giving him algae wafers but not over doing it and he is a complete pig,my tank clouded up and the ammonia went up just a smig not even worth worrieing about and the other chemicals are perfect.I did a water change about 30 percent and gravel vac,I also used cycle as I always do with water changes,its been a week and it still looks the same and the filter is running at 100 percent(cascade 1200 canister) any suggestions would be awesome,THANX!!!

01/06/11  09:45pm


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 Feeding plecos

algae wafers do the trick drop them in while feeding ur other fish it should sink to the bottom n the pleco will smell it in eat it

07/09/11  10:28pm


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  Message To: Exoticpetsemployee   In reference to Message Id: 2228266

 Feeding plecos

A common misconception is that these fish have a sucker shaped mouth in order to hoover up algae. In fact, the sucker mouth is a development based on the environment they live in, typically varying strengths of running water in varied areas of South America. The sucker mouth is an excellent way of staying in place in water with a minimum of effort. It doesn’t actually say anything about the specific feeding habit of the fish, to do that, you have to look closer, but more on that later.

•Natural food/home grown
This would be algae or other things that grow in their natural environment or in the aquarium where they live. If your pleco is eating algae as it’s main food source, then it’s quite possible to "cultivate algae" in a tank somewhere. Place a tank with a couple of goldfish, guppies or similar under a bright light or in a sunny position, and put a few fist-sized stones or small pieces of driftwood in the tank. As the goldfish fertilizes the water, the algae will grow nicely on all surfaces. Once the stones/wood are covered with algae, they can be moved to the tank where the plecos live. Similarly, for fish that eat snails, you can cultivate snails in a tank, they aren’t hard to breed, and you can feed them many different sorts of vegetable matter.
•Home-made food
This group contains food that you prepare at home, that you can buy in any supermarket.
•Prepared food
Food that you can buy in the local fish shop, granules, tablets or wafers that are suitable for these fish.

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