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Krock   Kelso reptiles  

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 Mississippi how

i have access to a overgrown pond/lake surrounded by forested area in mississippi not to far from mississippi medical hospital a.k.a whitfield where my dad works as a doctor, if you look across the railroad tracks towards the right by compound rd. where to look, and what herps might i see

06/01/13  03:38pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Krock   In reference to Message Id: 2298078

 Mississippi how

theirs no telling what you will encounter. but some species you could come up with are, well since you said pond, a alligator might be seen, eastern diamondback, green anoles, variety of turtles, i.e. snappers, wood, box, painted etc. six lined race runner lizards. water snakes, garters, hog nose, red bellied, bull snake, timber rattler, and a variety of amphibians. depends on the area and weather and if the animals are their and want to come out.

06/10/13  01:28pm

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