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Kelso reptiles   Bisch7  

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Kelso reptiles
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 Why is it illegal

i posted this in the herping forum but Ive been visiting it lately and its pretty dead, so i posted this in a few different forums to try and find an answer. i was wondering why is it illegal to catch INVASIVE species of reptiles in California, wouldn’t it be better to take them out of the wild, i mean i know its not going to make a impact taking one or two invasive species out of the wild but still wouldn’t that be better then just letting them keep multiplying. that’s what happened to the pythons in the everglades, unfortunately i pretty well know like others that were not going to eradicate the pythons their here to stay now.
I’m just wondering. thanks

03/30/13  05:07pm


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2294648

 Why is it illegal

because otherwise people could just go out and buy a cobra and say they caught it, they would half to make the possession of all reptiles legal. There would be no way of saying for sure if you actually caught a reptile or bought one. My friend caught a red spitting cobra in Palm Springs and then the following year caught another one....turned out to be a pair so as you can see there would be a problem if they allowed that.

06/27/13  06:47pm

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