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 Any advice on Herping in AL?

I live in SE Alabama around the Houston county area (if any of you know where that is), and I’m able to herp any where around here and I also herp around NE Florida. Most of the places I herp are creeks, farms, and woods. I try extremely hard to find snakes, but I’m usually not successful. Any advice on how to herp and search for snakes?

11/26/11  03:11pm


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  Message To: Anole4102   In reference to Message Id: 2245330

 Any advice on Herping in AL?

i live in LA, this time of year snakes will not be out unless its a hot or sunny day. look for rock piles, log piles, etc... places to catch the sun and hold the heat. also paved roadways.

move slowly and softly. if they feel you stomping around they will hide.

you can usually find anoles and skinks under rocks and logs at the edges of fields, or under flat pieces of trash on logging roads or in fields.

11/30/11  02:19am


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  Message To: Troy_mclure   In reference to Message Id: 2245709

 Any advice on Herping in AL?

I lived in Hattiesburg MS for a time and i am sure it is pretty much the same. Like said above, look for things that hold heat. If you can find an old trashed house or barn where there is sheets of tin laying around that would be ideal! Good luck!

12/15/11  08:46pm

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