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 If your planning a trip to So. Arizona:

In the spring, summer or fall and want to do some field herping. Let me know when you will be here and I will make arrangements to take you road cruising along the foothills and back roads around the Tombstone area. All that I ask, is you supply the vehicle (something that can travel along unimproved roads) and a camera for those great shots of you and some fantastic herps and I will supply the field hooks, buckets, flashlights and the locations where I find Western Diamond-backs, Mohave, Az. Black-tail, Desert Kingsnakes , Long-nose snakes and yes Gila Monsters. Prior to going into the field, I will give you a tour of my Exhibit and give you a run-down of the AzG&F laws of what you can take and what you can’t

10/12/09  07:38pm

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