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 Pics from Oz

Hi all,

I went for a trip to Australia in January (only spent three weeks there, nowhere near long enough), thought I’d share all the reptile photo’s I managed to catch, the first few are in the wild, then the rest are in a zoo.

Amethystine Python or a carpet Python in Atherton Tablelands, Northern Queensland, any opinions on which would be appreciated, I don’t think it’s got the Amethystine sheen you would expect of the Amethystine Python, but our guide didn’t think it was a carpet python, the snake was lying across our path in a rainforest area.

Not 100% sure about this one, but think it’s either a harmless Keelback, or a venomous Rough-scaled snake, photo was taken in the grounds of Australia Zoo, near Beerwah Southern Queensland, the keelback is known to live in or around freshwater which the photo shows the snake is in, but according the the Queensland EPA, is not native in the Beerwah area, however the rough-scaled is. Any opinions would be appreciated.


Saw a few of these guys in the forests around the Blue Mountains near Sydney, I think they are some kind of skink, but have not yet been able to identify the exact type, if anyone can offer any help it would be appreciated.

These guys are everywhere in the tropical north of Queensland, and there is a noticable lack of insects around where these little guys exist. This one seemed not to have much colouration, and the skin looked almost translucent, the photo was taken in Hervey bay on the Fraser coast.

Now for pics from Australia Zoo, Home of the crocodile hunter, and well worth a visit if you’re in southern queensland

Bearded Dragon

Water Monitor

A banded skink (I think)

Crocs, not surprising with Steve Irwin’s influence

Awww, cute baby alligator

Maybe not everyone’s image of cute, but I think these Shinglebacks really are

Sorry, not sure what type of snake this is, it looks like some kind of Python, anyone know?

That’s definitely a Python, think they said it was a retic

These Eastern water dragons are everywhere around the zoo, some of them are absolutely stunning colours though, look at the yellow and black streaks behind the eye and that lovely red belly

Various snakes in tanks below, sorry not sure what species they all are

A couple for the insect lovers

A praying Mantis for the insect lovers, taken on Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands

A Grasshopper/Locust taken at Ely creek, Fraser Island

And finally a few birds


A Parakeet I think

Apparently not an Owl, but a Frogmouth

A type of Kingfisher, related to the Kookaburra

A Buzzard (I think)

A Peregrine Falcoln, hiding in the eaves, refusing to come down

A Lorikeet, near Sydney’s Darling Harbour

A greedy finch kept trying to steal food off tables in an open cafe in the Sydney Botanical gardens

A duck, also in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens

A Cockatoo on Hamilton Island

two parrots, one in flight, one perched

Tons more photo’s (australia and not, wildlife and not) can be seen at My Picasa page

05/11/09  11:50am


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  Message To: Shez666   In reference to Message Id: 2002382

 Pics from Oz

the first snake is indeed an amethistine python and that other snake above the retic pic i a carpet python i think a diamond or a jungle

05/11/09  05:05pm


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  Message To: Shez666   In reference to Message Id: 2002382

 Pics from Oz

wow!!!! those are some nice pictures!!!
some of those pictures are woma, green tree python?, blue and gold macaw, scarlet macaw, eclectus parrot, and i am pretty sure that the black python with the white pattern on it is a diamond carpet python- correct me if i am wrong?

05/11/09  05:08pm


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  Message To: Artist   In reference to Message Id: 2002537

 Pics from Oz


05/11/09  08:03pm


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  Message To: Chippychop   In reference to Message Id: 2002664

 Pics from Oz

looks like a rough scaled snake to me, i compared it with some other pictures, and it seems to have the same ’scale pattern’- i guess you would call it that?- on its head and along its body. although, this species is nocturnal, so i am not sure. could you make a guess as to how long it was?? and did it seem aggressive?

05/11/09  08:25pm


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  Message To: Artist   In reference to Message Id: 2002677

 Pics from Oz

Thanks for the comments guys, I think the Keelback/Rough scaled was probably about a meter to 1.5 meters long, and didn’t seem particularly aggressive, but then again I wasn’t going to get too close to some of the infamous Australian wildlife, I was walking over a bridge over a stream and it would have been harder to get closer.

05/12/09  02:38am


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  Message To: Shez666   In reference to Message Id: 2002815

 Pics from Oz

awesome pictures! a trip to Australia has been a dream of mine for a while, hopefully it will happen some day.

i especially love the water dragon!

i think the "banded skink" that you have a picture of is actually a blue tongue skink.

05/12/09  09:32am


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  Message To: Shez666   In reference to Message Id: 2002815

 Keelback/rough scaled

i think it is a keelback its body looks very skiny around the wast quite to skiny to be a viper dont u think now i am not positive

06/06/09  12:10am

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