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 Is my fence lizard a boy or girl

I’m trying to figure out if my fence lizard is a male or female can anyone tell

03/22/16  02:52pm


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 Is my fence lizard a boy or girl

Males have black on there belts surrounding there blue and females don’t have it and females have light blue to no blue, and females have an enlarged postnatal scales and males vents are larger.

05/30/16  02:04am


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  Message To: WesternBlue   In reference to Message Id: 2318516

 Sexing a western fenced lizard (blue belly) & Care

Hey, so a few days ago I found a western fenced lizard on my screen door. I put my hand up to him and he crawled on. I happened to have a 10 gallon tank and a light. Although the I don’t have the correct light bulb. I was messaging to find out the sex , which I think is male, and if using a regular light bulb is bad ? If so what light bulbs should I use ? I have a light fixture that has spots for two light bulbs side by side. I’m posting a picture of him for sexing. Can also post a pic of his cage later.
Belly of Lizard
Basing mini Pool

06/04/16  12:28am

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