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 Fence Lizard Compatibility with Sulcata Tortoise


I have a young Sulcata Tortoise as well as a Fence Lizard (both currently in there own habitats). However as they get bigger it might be nice to create one large enclosure with varied terrain that would be suitable for both.

What I am curious about is if anyone knows some specific reason why these two could not be housed together? As far as I am aware they are not overly territorial, especially in well spaced environments. Despite the differences in diet, they have similar needs temperature, light, and humidity wise.

The only gray area I could think of would be potential damage due to specie specific bacteria. I would hate to endanger either so unless I can find firm evidence that there would be no negative interaction I will probably just continue to make individual enclosures as they grow.

I’d appreciate any advice or experiences that you have had to help guide my search.
Thank you.

10/07/15  04:52pm


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  Message To: ElectraRoad   In reference to Message Id: 2315121

 Fence Lizard Compatibility with Sulcata Tortoise

Reptiles are solitary animals. When their sexual maturity kicks in you’ll see them get territorial another reason is parasites.

10/07/15  05:45pm

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