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 Fence lizard eye closed

we’ve had two fencies for several months (wild caught much to my disagreement). one of them seems to have a shut/swollen eye (I am not 100% its swollen but looks rounded to me). My child told me that a few days ago she saw some brown discharge (today she told me..ugh). Anyway...I assume the best course of action is to find a reptile vet? trying to do the best for these thru many pages, got the eco-earth several recommended instead of sand, putting the calcium stuff on their crickets, babying the crickets, etc. I am wondering if some ecoearth got in the eye? to that end....I see its recommended to feed lizards on a feeding crickets move too fast. is it just better to move lizards to clean cage to feed?

09/11/15  09:56pm


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  Message To: Fencie_momma   In reference to Message Id: 2314875

 Fence lizard eye closed

Hi so it seems like the only possibility is that sand got into the lizard’s eye. If you actually did research before you buy the sand you should know that any lizard that is smaller than 7 inches should not be bed with sands. because they can not aim that will at they will just smash their head to the criket, therefore the sand may get into its eyes and its mouth, wich will also kill them because sands are not digestable. for now just try helping it wash it off or take it to a vet. be sure to changing the beddings. try cocnut fiber

12/07/15  08:02pm

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