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Lucy Lizzard girl   Takahiro111  

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Lucy Lizzard girl
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 My baby western fence lizard

Hey I have a baby western fence lizard who is only 2 1/2 inches from head to tail, I’m feeding him small crickets from pet smart. How much should I feed him, and how many times a week. Right now he is eating around one or tow a day is that enough? He is also not drinking, if I gently pinch his skin it stays up! I give him a bath in warm water every other day for about 5 minutes and give him water in a bowl large enough for him to sit in but shallow enough for him to stand in. I also spray his cash 4-5 times a day 4-9 squirts depending the hydrometer and thermometer I have in his cage! Please help if you have any tips. Oh and I also give him calcium powder with vitamin D so I don’t put him in the sun much and I usually keep him in the shade of I put him out. The only heat he has is a heating pad under half of his cage and a regular lamp that’s always on except at night when I turn it off along with the heating pad. By regular lamp I mean that it doesn’t produce any heat so all its there go is so we can see him in the cage better.

08/29/15  06:28pm


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 My baby western fence lizard

Dont put the cage under the sun because youll create an oven. Feed as much as he eats 2x a day everyday, remember babies needs to eat more to grow. Calcium dust with D3 is needed and a uvb bulb toobecause if he only get calcium with no uvb itmeans bnothing to his body the calcium and lighting works together to keep him healthyand no coil uvb bulbs. His skin staying in a form when you pinch it he’s dehydrated so keep the humidity up and get a shallow water bowl so he can crawl in and out of and bathing him is good also, some herps wont drink from still water so people use a bubbling system or a waterfall. Vary his diet with worms,dubia roaches etc.... i am a person who use heating bulb because it gives them a basking spot.

Note: calcium should be given 1-2x weekly overdose is fatal.

09/02/15  09:44am

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