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Danelsue   Cphill58   Lizard care#1  

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 Help with eggs!!

A few weeks ago, we caught a female fence lizard here in Branson, MO that we jokingly thought was just "pleasantly plump/a big eater/fat" (lol). Well, to our surprise, today she popped out 8 eggs! However, she laid them on the bricks on the side of the cage that we have made into her basking area that has the heat lamp and such above it. I don’t want to move them because I’ve read so much online about air bubbles and such and she’s stayed near them all evening but I just really need some helpful advice from folks to help ensure that her babies hatch. When I mist the cage in the am, do I mist the eggs, should I move the eggs to a cooler damper area of the cage? What can I do to make sure her babies will make it?

05/27/15  09:37pm


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 Help with eggs!!

Im sure by now the eggs are bad...

Next time have a deli dish ready...or a plastic sandwich container get some perlite from the garden center (Lowes/ Home Depot)...mix with water until it clumps but does not drip. Place the perlite in the container... deep enough to bury the egg 75%
Take each egg and use a marker to place a small dot on the top of the egg. Try as carefully as possible to place the eggs with the mark side up. JUST LIKE YOU FOUND THEM
Make an indentation in the perlite and set the egg in ... cover the sides of the egg with the top sticking out slightly.

Once all the eggs are set ... place a lid on the container loosely. keep warm at 82-84F do not allow temps to drop below 80F
They do not need direct light ... they just need warm moist conditions for 60 days ...mark the google calendar

Why use perlite... because perlite is non organic and will not promote mold and bacteria growth. Wash your hands before you handle the eggs.
If the eggs start to grow mold you can clean them off with your finger... you can check the egg to make sure it is still white and plump. If it is tan and brown and shrunken badly it is a bad egg. Remove it.

The image of my corn snake eggs... I later learned to bury the egg more and have a better success ratio.

At this stage even the slightly brown one might make it as they are only hrs old. If it gets real bad then I remove it.

Best of Luck next time

06/14/15  11:28am


Lizard care#1
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  Message To: Danelsue   In reference to Message Id: 2313734

 Help with eggs!!

get some dirt and get it moist put it in the warmest place possiblemake sure when they hatch seperate mom if she doesnt accept them she willv veat them

08/01/15  10:42am

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