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 Texas Spiny for classroom?

Advice on Keeping a Texas Spiny lizard as a classroom pet needed. I’m in south Texas and a student brought in a medium (3-4 in SVL) female(?) Sceloporus olivaceus he caught in his yard. I’ve got several years of experience in keeping classroom snakes, but am not sure if this would be a good (biology) classroom pet/exhibit.

My biggest concern after reading some posts is how long can it go without feeding? I would not be able to feed the animal on Sat or Sunday and while I’m willing to bring it home for longer breaks, I would not be able to schlep it back and forth between school and home every weekend.

If we did keep it how big an enclosure is needed and what kind? I see these lizards on Mesquite trees around here, and am wondering if it would it need a vertically oriented enclosure or could a typical 10 gal aquarium/screen top be adequate?

11/08/13  10:39am


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  Message To: Lantanatx   In reference to Message Id: 2302182

 Texas Spiny for classroom?

The lizard will be stressed out with children running around
If they are teenagers than I wouldn’t mind

06/16/14  04:47pm

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