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 Moving + Lizards?

Hey, I’m unsure if some of you remember me from here but I have posted before about my Fence lizard since I found her on my driveway during a bad storm about two years ago. She has grown a lot, she is a big girl now but time has passed for me too. College is coming up for me and I am planning on moving out of state but I am unsure what to do with my lizard if I go. I know that releasing them does not guarantee their survival which is why I am looking for other options besides the possibility of sending her to her death. The college I want to go to is very far away, maybe a 3-4 days drive. There is no one I know that would want to take care of her or I would trust to take care of her properly.

If anyone has moved with a lizard before I would like some tips or ideas. I care about my lizard a lot but I am unsure what to do at this point. Thanks to anyone who replies.

07/30/13  02:18pm


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  Message To: Kalora   In reference to Message Id: 2300053

 Moving + Lizards?

Hi Kalora! Long time!

You’d be risking a good bit turning her loose in the wild; she’d have to remember rather quickly that she needs to fight to stay alive again, and look for her own food.

If you’re not taking her with you, I’d put something up on Craigslist saying you’re giving her away. Legally in the state of California (if you’re in California) you can’t sell a native reptile, but you can sell her terrarium. Just make sure to specify that so the lawyerbots don’t get you.

If you ARE taking her with you, first make sure your college is fine with those kinds of pets. Now, your fence lizard will be totally fine with being in a small space for a short period of time. You can just get a Kritter Keeper and use that as her carrier. She’ll be fine like that for a few days (and I say a few because I’m really overprotective about lizard’s health, but theoretically she can be kept longer) until you move her terrarium and other accessories in, which I recommend you do as soon as you can. The lack of UVB for most lizards will start taking effect after about 2 weeks, on average. So you could have plenty of time to drive with her in her carrier as you drive to college.

07/31/13  01:35am


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  Message To: ThesaurusRex   In reference to Message Id: 2300080

 Moving + Lizards?

Hm, I never would have thought that keeping her in there during a car ride would be okay. I was worried about the temperatures and heating, not to mention the UVB. I have a small 5 gallon looking tank that I kept her in when I found her (She was about the size of a fresh new born) so I guess I could put some eco earth in there and a cave for her to hide in. I was worried about the stress levels she would have to go through. Would I need to put a cover over the cage or would that make it too hot?

I am in California but I wouldn’t want to sell her for money anyway, I would just like someone to take good care of her. I feel like there are a lot of people out there that don’t understand proper care for lizards and that kind of scares me. My dad is against Craigslist (he thinks it is dangerous) but I will keep myself open to that option as well if I end up having to take a plane since I don’t think I could drive that far on my own yet. (CA to MO).

Thank you for the reply and tips on staying legal about giving my lizard a new home. Hopefully I will be able to take her with me.

07/31/13  03:14pm


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  Message To: Kalora   In reference to Message Id: 2300108

 Moving + Lizards?

If the temperatures are just right for you in the car, they should be just right for your lizard in her carrier. I’d just recommend leaving the air conditioner on or the window open as is the general rule for most valued organisms left in a vehicle :)

Yes, definitely give her a hide. No lizard can be happy without one. When I took my fence lizard across the country, he not only was fine with being in the Kritter Keeper but came out to bask every day (I brought my UVB lamp with me because it was going to be a while). You can put a white cover over if you want, but it doesn’t make much of a difference. Just make sure it’s ventilated. A few days without UVB won’t hurt your lizard either, just make sure to have it set up by the time you move in.

Craigslist does have its share of creepy people, but as long as you’re in the right places it should be fine. A more unconventional option, yet perfectly viable, is to mail your lizard to yourself. Here are some instructions on shipping reptiles. I’d recommend putting a cold pack in there as well for this summer weather (it’s hot down here, I don’t know about where you are). Alternatively you can use Ship Your Reptiles and they’ll send you a shipping kit you can take to FedEx. That could be possible should you have to take an airplane.

Glad I could help!

08/03/13  02:23pm


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  Message To: ThesaurusRex   In reference to Message Id: 2300194

 Moving + Lizards?

I’m moving soon too!!!

I’m put my little boy in a homemade kennel that has air holes!!!!
And packing his leash,food and other care needs in small purse I’m taking my 10 gallon tank.....
I’m making him a new cage........
I have an eastern fence lizard if you need info please notify me!!!

06/15/14  06:28pm

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