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 My little guy

My kids found a fence lizard this past fall. The poor guy was already in hibernation when they found him, and I could not just leave him in the open after his hiding place had been disturbed, so I took him home and made a place for him in a 3.5 gallon aquarium. I moved him to a larger 10 gallon after talking to my nepheu who also has a fence lizard. I put a layer of the coconut substrate down and put in a few sticks for him to climb on. I have been feeding him pin heads.... but about 50 or so at a time and feed him about 10 at a time every other day or so... but by the third feeding the pin heads are usually dead so i have to wait until the next week to get more.
His eating habbits have gone down, where he used to eat all 10 pinheads I put in the tank in minutes, now he doesnt even eat all 10 in a day. and his stomach near his hind legs is skinny and he doesnt move around much.... I bought some calcium with D3 and dusted the pin heads the last time I fed him Saturday and he ate three of them and that was it...
I am scared he is hungry and for some reason not eating....
I do have a light on his tank, forget what type it is but it is a day bulb for reptiles. Bought it shortly after I brought him home.
What am I missing? does he needs grass to eat?
Water? I am under the impression he gets the needed water/moisture needed from his food.... but he isnt eating....
anything to help.... thanks

02/04/13  09:24pm


Lizard girl 4
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 My little guy

The 10 gallon tank and the substrate are good. If you got the sticks from outside, you need to bake them to satanize them. I am not really sure what the temperatures to bake them at but hopefully somebody else will answer soon and tell you! You need vitamin powder but without D3, because most diurnal reptiles make their own. You also need a UVB light, that is very important! I think 10.0 is good. And you also need a heat light and a temperature gage. A water dish would be good and you can mist him once a day. How big is he? It might be big enough to switch to small crickets. Do a lot of research on them

02/04/13  10:40pm


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  Message To: Lizard girl 4   In reference to Message Id: 2291314

 My little guy

Booooooo lolololololo ok cute!!!

06/16/14  05:44pm

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