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 Pet rats and feeders rats and females available

I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have some snakes and I started raising some rats for feeders for my snakes a long time ago. I evolved into breeding some pet quality rats and I have pet quality rats and also feeder rats available to anyone that might need them. I have feeders in all sizes and I have pregnant females and breeder females of pet quality that can set up anyone to start having enough feeders to supply themselves with food. I have large numbers of feeders and female rats of pet quality if anyone needs feeders in large numbers or if anyone wants to take over a large number of pregnant females of pet quality to start breeding your own family send me a message. I have a wide variety. I have a range of sizes and I have large numbers. Right now I am just not wanting to spend so much time taking care of them and handling them. I have feeders and large numbers of females and quality males to breed with them for anyone that wants to be able to supply themselves and or maybe some others with all the food they need for their loved ones. thank you and although this forum is a bit outdated I hope to maybe hear from some people. everyone have a good time doing what you are doing and always respect everyone for the love and needs of their pets.

07/24/13  12:23am


Hog man
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 Pet rats and feeders rats and females available

Need feeders and would like to purchase some breeders Thanks

05/28/15  07:52pm

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