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Lances486   Dubia Dynasty  

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 Looking to start a small dubia colony

Hey everyone! First of all it’s good to be back! I used to post on the beardie community almost daily about 4-5 yeas ago.anyways when I moved out of state about 5 years ago I gave up most of my reptiles to a local reptile rescue along with my well established Dubia colony (roughly 300 breeding adults on one bin and close to 4000 mixed size nymphs in another.) Fast forward 4 years and I am back in Seattle and only have beardie and a dart frog tank.

I guess ill get on to the point... I’m looking to start another small colony. I’m thinking 15-20 adult females and maybe 10 adult males plus about 100 or so medium/large nymphs and some seperate adult males to feed off.

I’ve been to pretty much every website out there who sells roaches and also Many reptile forums looking for deals. I even found a guy on Craigslist near me who offered for $40 to give me 30 adult breeding females, 15 adult breeder male and about 100+ medium/large nymphs. The thing is that I just had some bills come up and had to pass on this amazing offer.

Now... This forum used to be full of very close and extremely friendly and caring people and maybe once or twice a month someone would have an overabundance of roaches and would give them away for free and just the cost of shipping.

Now I know this is a HUGE shot in the dark, but would anyone be trying to downsize their overgrown colony of Dubia and hook a long time member up? I would be so grateful (and so would my beardie :). I know it’s a lot to ask but... It’s worth a try. PM or email me () if you think you could accommodate me. Remember these would strictly be feeders I’m not trying make a profit.

Thank you so much,

06/21/13  07:51pm


Dubia Dynasty
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  Message To: Lances486   In reference to Message Id: 2298719

 Looking to start a small dubia colony

It will take some time before I have breeders too spare, but when the time comes if you still need them. I will hit you up.

10/28/13  08:23pm

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