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 Feeder Caterpillars! New 20ct Small-Medium Hornworm Pods Avaiable! Silkworm Pods

Small Pet Feeders
America’s Online Insect Marketplace and Feeder Source


The New 20ct Hornworm Pod

Also Known as Goliath Worms!These monsters grow to an amazing 4 inches long, and as big round as your ring finger! These guys arrive to you Small or Medium, and have plenty of food to grow to full size as you feed some off to your anxiously waiting hungry pets!

Nutritional Analysis of Manduca Sexta (Tobacco Hornworm)
Protein: 9%
Fat: 3.07%
Calcium: 46.4mg/100g
Moisture: 85%

Feeder Caterpillars for your Reptiles, Frogs, Birds, Fish, and other Exotic Pets!

Safe to feed, unlike their wild brother and sisters. The difference lies in the high quality hornworm chow our Hornworm Pods contain, which is nontoxic to your pets, unlike Tobacco and Tomato plants which are very poisonous to exotic pets. I repeat,[b] DO NOT FEED YOUR PET WILD HORNWORMS![/b] Only our captive bred hornworms are safe for your critters, and we take great care in the products we ship to our customers.

Enough food for 3-4 caterpillars to grow to whopping 3-4"!!

Great Food for Frogs, Small Fish, Birds, Arachnids, and Baby Reptiles as Smalls (1"-1.5")

Treat your Reptile to a juicy treat, and buy Hornworms today!

Link <-----Click Here to Buy Your Hornworm Pod Today!

These Small-Medium Hornworm Pods, which is slightly shorter than our normal 15ct and 25ct Pods, can actually have between 16 Medium/Large Hornworms and 25 Small Hornworms, it all depends on the stage of development at the time of shipment. These also have more food than our normal pod cups, making these great for all sizes of reptiles. You can either feed them off early when the hornworm count is at its highest and they are around 1" in length, or wait for them to grow to 2", feed a few off, and let the others grow to maturity.

50ct Live Silkworm Pods Also Available

While you’re buying green caterpillars, why not try some white caterpillars too?? We carry Live Silkworm Pods with 50 Small Silkworms in them. They contain enough food for up to 25 to survive to full size, which is a lengthy 3 inches. Silkworm Pods require similar upkeep as the Hornworm Pods, and both can be kept inside a Wine Cooler at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nutritional Information Analysis for Silkworms

Protein - 63.8%
Calcium - .34%
Fat - 10.6%
Carbohydrates - 18.2%
Ash - 7.4%

Keep Pod Inverted at all times to avoid frass from mixing with food at the bottom of the pod cup, which will quickly cause molding inside your pod. If this happens, simply scoop the molded food, preferably before it matures to spores, and always check your pod daily.

Link <----Click Here to Buy your Silkworm Pod Today!
Pods come in only one of the three following sizes and amounts at any given time:

50 Small
(Most Commonly Stocked, and has enough mulberry food to last until Large size, if kept clean and free of debris)

35 Medium
(Natural Selection Occurs, bringing the number of caterpillars to 35-40)

25 Large
(Will have less food as these were originally Small pods that have been growing)

If you absolutely need a certain size, you may place this request in your checkout notes, and if we can’t meet your requirement, we will issue you a refund for the item.

When We Save, You Save!
We also believe in being transparent about our pricing methods and passing savings down to you when we experience them, such as having a surplus shipped in one week, which drives our cost per Pod down, which means we can lower your price per Pod!

We adjust our prices as our cost, supply, and demand all go up and down, so check regularly for the latest prices! The price on these will fluctuate from shipment to shipment, as well as supply and demand. For instance, this week we had only 12 pods shipped in by our supplier, which is half as many as we normally receive, meaning the cost per pod is higher and we only had 12. Well now 6 of those pods are gone and we only have 6 left.

As of 06/21/13, the price per 20ct Hornworm Pod is only $14.99.

The price per Hornworm Pod fluctuates between $11.99 and $15.99 from shipment to shipment, so always check in regularly as we do have to adjust the price now and then to maintain our quality of service. This will be the standard Hornworm Pods we offer until we get our coolers fixed.

Our Promise and Statement to You, Our Appreciated Client.
When you come to Small Pet Feeders, you can expect quality. We will never send you a product that we would not want to receive ourselves as hobbyists in the same community as all of you. If you ever have a question, concern, or an issue with a product, we want to hear about it. Please send an email to and I will personally respond to your shortly.

We are not quite the fastest service yet, and depending on the complexity of your order, it could take a few days to get your products out. Please give us a week window if you have a lengthy feeder order. Ordering early is always better than later, and while all the products are in stock at time of purchase, when you’re working with insects with a short shelf life, and are quite sensitive to all sorts of complications, these products can go to In Stock to UnSellable overnight. As an ethical and quality company, we have stringent product standards and would rather take longer to send your shipment than to send you something questionable or in a hurry which always incurs mistakes. Please be patient with us, and if you need your order in a hurry, please note this in your checkout notes, as we will not let your pet go hungry, but please try to order from us at least a week ahead of the time which you need the feeders.

Bulk shipments are shipped usually the next day after ordering, usually USPS Priority unless otherwise marked. Bulk Shipments also SHIP FREE! This includes orders of 500-1000+ Crickets or Superworms, as well as pounds of Nightcrawlers and other Earthworms. We also offer Bulk Shipments of California Blackworms that include Free Overnight Shipping!

Buy with Confidence, Put your Trust in Small Pet Feeders

We do accept trade-ins with various roach species and other invertebrates. If you have something you would like to trade towards the value of your order, please send us an email with your offer and we’ll get back to you.

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06/21/13  06:10am

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