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 Feeder dubia roaches

i started a colony last november of 2010 with 20 adults 5 males 15 females. i have many sub adults and babies now but how many should i have to start feeding them off?

03/30/11  07:03pm


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 Feeder dubia roaches

It’s a matter of personal preference. I started with 100 extra small so I had to wait for them to mature I purchased them August 2010 by December and January of 2011 they were already mature so I used the Males as feeders leaving the females alone to continue the reproduction cycle. In February I purchased another 50 mixed just as in addition.

And then in march I purchased another 50 Males.
They say not to feed off until you have established a colony of many different sizes. But it really depends on how you do it because it’s pretty much trial and error. At least that’s what I think for me everything has been going good I have pretty much left all of the females alone always making sure that they have some of the opposite sex. And it’s easier to just simply purchase males by the bunches because they lost some longtime many ways. So for me spending $20.00 for 50 Males every two or three months is definitely better than sending someone to the pet store every two weeks to purchase crickets.

But it’s really a matter of personal preference depending on how many you’re using and what you’re feeding.

03/31/11  12:34am

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