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Rae rae
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i breed leopard geckos. during breeding i do supply them with pinkies. i got tired of paying $4-$5 per pinky so i decided to breed the mice myself. well, i checked on the female earlier and i heard squeaking, so i raised her house and she had a baby. because i did that she freaked and killed it. since then she’s had more, and from what i can see (haven’t disturbed her anymore) they are all alive.

my question;
obviously leos eat the newborn pinkies. when do i take them from mother mouse? do i wait a day, or do i take them out immediately? can i start taking them out when she starts having them, or wait until she’s done? and i don’t know when she will be done because i’m not checking on her cuz the last time she ate the baby. i’m confused and i guess this is the one thing i didn’t think of...and can’t find ANYTHING online to help me out with it. if i take some of them, is she gona eat the rest out of stress? i would hate to waste life.

02/20/11  12:45am


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new mothers are the worse for this. once you get past initial 24-48 hrs Watch her she should be eating and drinking herself, this is a good time to snag one or two. I’ve seen many new mothers kill all there young for various reasons. Best you can do is leave them alone they will do there thing before and after birth.

02/26/11  07:50pm

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