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 Superworm Breeding

Im starting to breed superworms and wanted to know the stage when you have the beetles laying eggs and you move them to another bin to keep laying after 2 weeks is it fine that i have a bin that i just dump all the oats with eggs into.
So basically a eggs/ baby bin
Or will there be issues with babies eating eggs?
I just want to limit the amount of bins i have to manage.
Any ideas ?

12/05/10  10:57am


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 Superworm Breeding

with my superworm colonies I keep the beetles in one enclosure with cut up strips of cloth,(1" x 6") such as a old wash cloth. The beetles will lay there eggs on these cloth strips and every couple weeks I just switch out the cloth strips moving the egg laden cloth strips to the enclosure with worm larvae and repeat this procedure with new cloth strips.
Also, your beetles will breed quicker and larvae grow quicker with temps between 84* - 90* degrees. And they also require a little moisture or they will cannibalize another or the eggs to get hydration. Twice a week I add a couple small carrots or potato slice for their water source though not to much or it will attract invading insects such as flour/grain mites. The mites like to congregate in the corners of your colony container sometimes causing a wet area, if noticed I scoop out the wet area with a spoon and discard.
Some eggs will develop in the beetle food substrate and I just pluck them out or use a screen strainer and sift them out every month of so.
Be patient though as it takes awhile(6 months) for colony to grow out and prosper. Good Luck.

12/05/10  04:28pm

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