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 Need some hopeful information

I have two adult leopard geckos and instead of having to go to the pet shop all the time to get crickets and roaches for them I want to breed some medium size cockroaches so I was thinking of getting a peak flavor from a container and starting with about 20 adult roaches I know it’s recommended to breed for about six months so that’s what I’m going to do. I was wondering if anyone else does that with a small quantity of reptiles I have two adult leopard geckos taking heat about six are seven large crickets so they would both be a good amount of roaches twice a week please all helpful information or suggestions are greatly appreciated

11/08/09  02:17am


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 Need some hopeful information

Leos won’t be able to eat the adult-size....but I do know that adult Leos will eat the small and juvenile Dubia....(I started a colony about a month ago, and currently I feed them to my Leos, Bearded Dragons, and now to my baby Cresteds....(As long as you keep feeding them, the adults will keep producing them.)...The Dubia don’t fly or climb, and are SUPER easy to breed and they don’t smell AT ALL!!!!!...Hope this helps

11/13/09  08:25pm

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