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 Lobster roaches... :):)

so i was looking around on m and i saw they had lobster roaches for really cheap. about 50 for 12.59 or so... do any of you breed roaches? are they hard? do the smell or make noise? i wana have a clean sorce for food for Blaze and my froogies, because i hear they are extremly nutritions...(spelt that wrong lol) and i wanted to get some info on housing themmm. TANKS!!

10/16/09  07:52pm


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 Lobster roaches... :):)

Don’t breed the lobster.. they climb and will get out. I tried everything to keep them in. They still seem to get out.. but they breed very fast.. get the dubia they can’t climb. breed a bit slower the lobster but grow 1 1/2" to 2" and best of all die if they do get out b/c they need humidity to molt and heat to survive.

I have been breeding the dubia but just ordered the "Blaberus boliviensis" they are suppose to breed fast and are a bit smaller.

02/07/10  07:08pm

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