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 Breeding silkworms...

I have a general question for anyone who has an opinion. I am wanting to raise silkworms for my leoo’s, bearded dragons and house gecko... my tree frog is not too interested.
My question is... Should I get an incubator for the eggs and babies. I was trying to do it in a sterilite shoe box in room temperature but it only gets to around 74 degrees. I put a people heating pad under the shoe box on top of a small towel and raised the temp to around 82-84 degrees. It seems so iffy to get it at a steady temp. Has anyone used an incubator to try this or any egg hatching... how did it work? What is the best type to get and a reasonable price (I am from Canada) for it. I have been hearing about the hova bator incubators, are they any good. I see prices in the U.S. ranging from $30 and $45 dollars up to hundreds. In Canada all I can find is a price for $179 and up. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Any help would be appreciated.

09/28/09  08:30pm


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 Breeding silkworms...

I breed silkworms and the Answer is No. this "Helps" but over all a waste of money, First when you get the silkworms feed and clean them like normal. Once they start cocooning and then a week or so later hatching to moths they breed and die off. With the eggs. (Sometimes eggs will hatch in 1 week due to the moths having 12+ of sunlight) However normally they Must be put in the refrigerator for 60 days or more. this tricks the eggs in to (its winter) Once you take them out and let them sit they will hatch around 20 days once you take them out...Or sooner with a incubator but if you keep using the heating pad that will work well. If they don’t hatch. Dont worry. put them back in the refrigerator (never put it in the Freezer) if you take them out to early and they didn’t hatch by the 30 day mark of being out of the fridge they will think its a heat wave and just not hatch. Put them back in for another few weeks and try again

10/23/09  12:10pm

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