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 Dubia roach set up

08/27/09  07:57pm


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  Message To: Aandfsoccr04   In reference to Message Id: 2064369

 Dubia roach set up

Is that a breeder or a feeder cage?

My breeder cage has more clearance between the carton and the top so I use the top of the egg carton box as a food dish. This allows the keeper more access to the food without disturbing the roaches.

In feeder cages....similar setup...but on top I also place toilet paper roll tubes(or paper towel roll tubes)....

Normally enough roaches gather in the tubes that I don’t even have to disturb the egg cartons.

just keep them in a hot dark place with plenty of food and all should be good.

09/07/09  10:44pm


Turtle Hatter
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  Message To: Suzuki4life   In reference to Message Id: 2069087

 Dubia roach set up


I would like to see pictures of of your setups to compair them to these.


10/11/11  01:59pm

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