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 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

Hey guys, whats the easiest feeder insect to breed for bearded dragons? I’m just trying to save some money. Thanks, Mike

05/11/09  02:42pm


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  Message To: Goykab13   In reference to Message Id: 2002454

 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

Lobster roaches
Blatta lateralis roaches

05/12/09  05:02pm


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  Message To: Doug2   In reference to Message Id: 2003133

 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

What do lobster Roach look like? They all creepy.and those legs.makes me shreik.

03/09/12  01:44pm


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  Message To: Puddy   In reference to Message Id: 2258214

 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

a lobster roach can infest your house & are escape artists
you are better off breeding Blaptica Dubia or Discoid Roaches
Blaptica Dubia

03/09/12  02:09pm


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2258218

 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

Where can you get them to start?

08/08/12  12:18pm


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  Message To: Scubawuzzel   In reference to Message Id: 2276023

 Easiest feeder insect to breed?

There are several places online: theroach guy, mulberry farms, backwater reptiles... just type in "feeder roaches for sale" or "dubia roaches for sale". Also, you might want to try Craigslist as I know, there was someone in my area selling them. Dubia roaches really are a great feeder. I think I paid $40 to get a colony started and, apart from getting egg crates once a year or buying water crystals twice, I haven’t paid any money on feeders for 6 years!

08/13/12  01:45pm

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