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 The Roach Ranch *Your Blaptica Dubia HQ*

The Roach Ranch is up and running. Right now all we deal in are Blaptica Dubia. Hopefully we’ll be expanding ASAP. Due to all the problems w/ the USPS api apps we just focused on getting the site up and operational. So we still have to complete site design. But all the info is up for you.

Right now Shipping and terms are on the BOTTOM of all the pages so please read them before ordering.

Our on line store is fully functional and we except every credit card out there as well as debit cards. We use USAEPAY so it’s nice and secure.

Also we cover 1/2 the shipping costs and add a free 20% over count on all orders.

Like I said we still have work to do on the site and one of the things that we forgot was contact info... So if you have ANY questions feel free to PM me here on the boards or shoot me an e-mail at


04/23/09  01:53pm


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  Message To: Ihaggerty1313   In reference to Message Id: 1991683

 The Roach Ranch *Your Blaptica Dubia HQ*

your email didnt work umm kan you pm me because i plan on starting my colony asap

10/14/09  07:51pm

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