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 So my mom said I could raise rodents

I was thinking 1.2 rats for my 5 snakes.
have you found them to be that much cheaper than just buying f/t?
any suggestions welcome

12/08/08  08:14pm


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 So my mom said I could raise rodents

that depends. (mind you i don’t breed but i have pet rodents including rats.)

okay things you’d need are-
at least 2, maybe 3 cages (one being a rat cage and one being a 20L (at least) tank)
harlan teklad rat blocks or natural balance reduced calorie dog food
bedding (aspen, carefresh, or newspaper though newspaper needs daily changing)
a water bottle, not bowl (obviously right? heh.)
and a rat care book (preferably by debbie the rat lady).

rats can’t live their lives in tanks or enclosed things like sterilite bins because ammonia builds up too fast leading to myco outbreaks or uris. and you need at least 2 cages because birthing rats must be kept away from the father and they can’t be allowed to breed until 4-6 weeks after the weaning of the previous litter. the 20L should ONLY be used for the birthing rat to protect the babies from wandering through any bars. it is not a lifetime home. you may need 3 cages (2 20Ls) as sometimes females will kill each other’s young or their own (only if malnourished or super stressed out.)

a cage for three rats should be about 30"lx18"wx25"h at least. and multiple floors. example of good cage

ht blocks need to be purchased online or if you’re super lucky a feed store might carry them otherwise the natural balance dog food is your best bet.

remember not to use pine or cedar no matter what you read. and no corn cob. only aspen, carefresh, paper towels, fleece, or newspaper are best.

debbie runs a site called ratfanclub .org check it out for rattie info.

oh rats should be kept at 68-73 degrees farenheit, and the bedding should be changed at least once a week though it is better to do so twice a week. and rats can get pricey at the vet. so that’s something else to consider.

12/08/08  09:05pm


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  Message To: Manderzratz   In reference to Message Id: 1911377

 So my mom said I could raise rodents

now that i think about it i should mention, in the tank, the bedding needs to be changed at least every other day or spot cleaned daily.

12/08/08  09:09pm


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  Message To: Manderzratz   In reference to Message Id: 1911380

 So my mom said I could raise rodents

for bedding and food,look on kingnake for a locl rodent breeder,i get a 50 pound bag od harland,an d a 5 cu ft bag of aspen shavings for 30 bucks,and we split the cost 3 ways,so for 10 bucks i bed and feed anywhere form 15-40 rats(gow up feeders,and breeding colony)for up to 6 weeks,i would do 1 male and 6 females,3 cages each with 2 females,and a male cage(i use tanks),and cycle the male with 2 girls,until they are obvisouly preg,then put him in his cage for 4 days,then in the next tank,until obvious pregnancy,,then by himself for 4 days,then the last cage until obvisly preg,average litters i have had have ben 7-12,i have hd as little asone per litter,,and have had 2 litters total under 5,if you kill them yourself to do f/t,figure if you have 6 litters,2 every 2 weeks(when the lst tank gves birth,the first set should be ready to back with males,so will be roughly 30 days or so between sets of litters,example,2 litters,2 weeks later 2 more,2 weeks later 2 more,then 30 days til the next,then 2 weeks)if you get 8 per,even if getting a big bag of food,and big bag of bedding costs you 50,for 50 bucks feeding and bedding 1.6 should last you atleast 5 months gve or take,for 50 bucks youd get around 80-120 rats,even growing them to mediums,take a month off the supply count,and add 2 mroe tanks to grow them in,and your sitting at 50 bucks buying you 80-120 rats in a 4 month time frame,so 150 a year for 240-360 rats a year,,,much cheaper

12/24/08  02:31pm


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  Message To: Rebelyell83   In reference to Message Id: 1920032

 So my mom said I could raise rodents

With 3 snakes to feed, I bred rats for two years before finally giving up.

You’ll definitly need more than two cages. Because of all the babies you will have. 1:2 is a good ratio to start. But soon enough you will have an overpopulation if you’re not careful.

Cages need to be cleaned frequently - not just bedding change but also washed out with soap and water or it will smell terrible.

Feeding tip- Leftovers work. Not only do they save you money for specialty rat food, but they keep food from wasting or rotting in the fridge. High protein dog food will give the rats bad skin and should be avoided as a main diet.

You will learn a lot from the rats.

05/12/09  08:43pm


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  Message To: My name   In reference to Message Id: 1911355

 So my mom said I could raise rodents

I would just purchase large quantities of frozen mice/rats. It’s just as cheap, no smell and much easier. try craigs list for the people that purchase large quantities and sell a few off just to they can break even..

02/07/10  03:33pm

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