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 Roach colony substrate

I’m just curious why most people seem to have difficulty using a substrate with roaches.

I have a colony of around 200 discoids that I’ve had for about a month. I’ve got them in two 21 gallon plastic bins, each with a 25watt heat pad covering pretty much the entire bottom. I’m using around an inch of peat moss as substrate and I haven’t had any problems with it. The roaches are eating like mad and I’m starting to notice quite a few babies in there, so things seem to be working well.

10/14/07  12:02pm


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 Roach colony substrate

The problem is its hard to clean all the fecal matter with substrate. Actually, make that impossible. Living things arent sterile, so eventually you stand to get a dangerously high level of bacteria or pinworms or nematodes or whatever. That said, I use the same stuff you do, because I can not keep adult death heads alive without it. However, I did just move all (or at least all that I could find, Im sure more will turn up) of the nymphs into a seperate tub, with no substrate, so Im going to experiment with just keeping them with food dishes and egg cartons. If they start dying Ill abort the experiment, but if it works I figure thatll give the adults a clean cage for longer, plus theyll get more peace and quiet to mate without all those enormous Baby Huey roaches crawling over them. As nymphs turn up, Ill move them into the easier to clean tub (I also bought a third one, so I can clean by just moving everybody in one tub straight into another, then worry about wiping out the old one.) And as adults mature, Ill move them into the breeding bin. I figure by the time the adult population is heavy enough to make this seperation difficult, I can start keeping the breeders with a bare floor too, and if any develop wing problems Ill just shrug and feed them off. But at the moment, the adults are sacred. If these ones that I have right now want sphagnum, then they get sphagnum.

10/15/07  11:15pm


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 1479844

 Roach colony substrate

easy.. use nothing..

02/07/10  07:50pm

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