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 De Brazza’s monkey male for sale ( )

De Brazza’s monkey male for sale
We are very sad to sell our precious De Brazza’s monkey called Franky. Franky is very healthy and extremely smart. we have taken very good care of him . He is trained and does some really cool tricks. Perfect records from the vet. We had canines removed. Franky is at a perfect age to train him in minutes to do anything. We bought him as a newborn. Franky will drink out of a bottle but prefers a cup. He sits in a high hair and eats dinner with us.
He has a pristine very healthy diet. He is 2 years old! He doesn’t bite and is very cuddly and loving. We have 3 large cages, clothes lots of toys diapers and everything. We will be picky as we want a very good home for him. we raised him, my husband daughter and myself and he is very social and happily goes to any of us. We will spend time with new owners to train and teach and always be just a phone call away for any questions. We are sad to sell him and the reasons are personal and NOTHING to do with Franky ..just our situation.

03/03/17  03:07am

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