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 Is anyone a fennel fox or ferret owner???????

Hi I was wondering if there is anyone who owns a fennec fox or ferret because I want one of those so so badly. This year I’m just turning eighteen during the summer so I really want one. I hope I get a good job so I could take care of one. I think I would name my ferret Shpanky and my fox Shwunky. I love naming my pets that start with (sh). I already named two of my pets Shmanky and Shwanky. I want to start a whole collection of pets with names that start with (sh) anybody have an obsession with naming their pets with weird names? Or any kind of weird obsessions of what you like to do with your exotic pets? I made a harness for a bullfrog once. Her name was Shpwooky of course it was my pet. I put the harness on my bullfrog and gave it a walk for shocK. I got a lot of attention for walking a frog. Does anybody do this with your pet?

02/17/16  08:28am


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  Message To: Hammosh   In reference to Message Id: 2317046

 Is anyone a fennel fox or ferret owner???????

I have three ferrets and we take them out to play in the snow for a short time and they always love flipping their nose in the snow. We give our ferrets quirky names like Turbo (my baby boy!!!) and Floppy. We were given two others by the names of Vinny and Bear (he sadly passed away but he would go to your ear and give you "kisses",)

11/27/16  12:13pm


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  Message To: Maculariusbab   In reference to Message Id: 2319822

 Is anyone a fennel fox or ferret owner???????

we have ferret for sale.mail via email for more details

12/18/16  01:49am

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