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 Know anything about hairless rats?

This is Penelop (Pen-o-lop) , the love of my life :p

Amazing rat, I’ve had her for a whopping 3 and a half years. I got her when she was just a few weeks old.
I realize that for being a female hairless rat, that is a LONG time to stick around.
But in the past few months or so, her health has deteriorated. Her weight has been totally unpredictable- one day she’ll be nice a full, chubby, healthy- the next she will look like death. Totally skinny, all bones showing...I do not understand. Its horrible to see.
Also...I notices roughly 5,6 months ago a small lump, the size of a pea then, develop under her front right armpit area.
I thought nothing of it, thought it would go away. It did not.
It has been getting larger and larger, and since I did not think that it was causing her pain, I never took her in to the vet to get it checked out.
Well I went away for almost a week, came back, and the lump looked like it had doubled in size...I took these pics that I will attach just an hour ago.
It doesn’t feel hard...really just like a fatty pocket. She doesn’t mind me touching it, she is drinking water fine and it really doesn’t seem to be causing her pain although I am sure it’s uncomfortable for her to walk, with it rubbing against her and what not.

I guess i’m just asking if anyone has seen anything like this before?
I really don’t know what to do...

THank you..

12/25/12  11:12pm


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2288286

 Know anything about hairless rats?

Ohh dear,

Penelop is nearing the end sweetie. She has a tumor as well. Rats are used in mammary cancer studies because they develop tumors so easily...especially female rats. My males never had tumors but some of my sweetest mommie rats did. I had a special girl that had a tumor so big we called it her twin sister. It finally grew so big she couldn’t clean herself and walk about anymore. We put Wesson to sleep one final day once we realized it was just too much to go on.

My biggest daddy rat and my favorite lived to be 3.5 + years, I took him outside quite a bit during his last weeks to just sit in the grass with me...amazing how we bond with these creatures.

Give her your best in these last times ...allow her to have lots of treats...fruit...human goodies and a small piece of chocolate now and then.

Bless you.

12/27/12  04:38pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2288350

 Know anything about hairless rats?

If you had to say, how long would you think she had?
And will she go on her own, or will I have to make the tough decision when she seems too uncomfortable?

Thank you so much for your reply.

I’ll be giving her lots of love and treats<3

12/28/12  12:17am


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2288376

 Know anything about hairless rats?

If she is moving about and active she has a good 6-8 months as long as she maintain her body weight. The tumor will grow slowly and become as big as you allow it ...only when she can’t scratch herself or clean herself will it be to much to rat would let me scratch her like a poor old dog , just soaking it up and squinting her eyes OH YEAH , right there ...more please. We would wash her and clean her daily.

Nuts and seeds are great treats and fattening too, Peanut butter and bread and honey are yummy. Bananas apples grapes and more work well for fruit...chicken and beef in small amounts are good protein, Dog food and cat food wet are readily eaten as well.

12/28/12  01:40pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2288402

 Know anything about hairless rats?

Thank you so much.

12/28/12  06:28pm


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2288411

 Know anything about hairless rats?

So sorry :( my rat named lassie finally died of a tumour i was so sad. Seems like a common thing tho. Glad she has someone to love her :)

07/14/13  05:26pm

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