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 Calling ALL Micro (Mini) Pig Owners!

I want to get a Micro as a pet, but I have another year until I can get one because I want to have my own apartment and live by myself whenever I get one so I will have the time for training and don’t have to worry about other issues, so I’m currently saving money so I can get the cutest and most petite baby piggie whenever I am ready. I’m currently researching more and more so that I know I’m ready whenever I get one. As an owner, what are the ups and downs, and are they better pets than dogs and cats? Be critical, honest, and express it all. Please do post pictures of your little guy or gal and is better to have a male or female and for what reasons? I hear that the males stink horribly whenever they mature.

06/22/11  12:04am


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 Calling ALL Micro (Mini) Pig Owners!

I want to tell you that mini pigs are great! but they are not the pet for everyone. people think they are dogs but they’re not! They are PIGS! I have seven (one mama and her five baby’s and the father) that we rescued from a terrible breeder Elle mae (mama) had five litters of witch only two lived:( and came to us pregnant with a sixth, of six piglets born all six lived:) and now two live with a very nice lady and her other piggy, and four live with us.
First off there are some things you should know always go to a responsible breeder, some will tell you that you have to feed a special diet to keep your pig small this is not only wrong but cruel! And can lead to major health problems such as organ failure and early death. the only way to get a small pig is to breed a little sow to a little boar and so on, also they are not as little as most dogs our littlest guy (Cadbury) is 56lbs and our biggest (pogo) is 140lbs and I have been told they are small for potbelly’s.

now housing, piggy’s are not really happy in a apartment and like big dogs need room to get exercise but are not fond of controlled walks and prefer to roam alone, a pasture or big yard (no chemicals please) for grazing is best, a well insulated dog house is fine even for the cold Wisconsin winters just use plenty of straw it works better then pine chips or blankets.
As for the male/female thing as long as you have the male’s neutered young (an intact boar is not a good pet and can tend to be aggressive) they make great pets! But be warned they still grow tusks and some people are uneasy with that, the girls do not grow tusks otherwise they are equally good pets.
You hear that pigs smell? Not true they smell no more then a dog would unless really stressed out and then they have a slight piggy odor.
Cleanness is important both to keep down smell and to prevent illness, with a little effort you can teach a pig to go to the bathroom in a specific spot and not in there’re house making cleanup easy (sows are easier to teach then barrows and barrows easier then boars) the longer piglets stay with mother the better she can teach them better then anyone else.
I wanted to post some pictures but can’t seem to get them to load.
hope this is helpful if you have more questions go ahead and ask you can never know to much:)

08/08/11  07:16pm

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