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Jamie king
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 Help savetigers and primates from extinction

hi im possting this add becouse im so angrey that people could kill so smaart and cute animals pleas help them by donating to the wwf mostly the people that hunt tiger and great ape are not very well educated and some dont even no its against the law tigers are geting hunted not for thier meat just for thier bones or for thier fur the meat is not worth very mutch and the great apeas they are geting killed for thier young to be sold as pets and the older ones to be sold as boshmeat it is an outrage what hapens to thies defenslive animals the people that hunt thies animals are cowerds that use guns on animals

please help by donating to the wwf or as sining up for volentry work thanks pleas share your thoughts at the bottem

lion 1

ape 1

04/23/11  09:49am

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