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Personal accounts of experience

03/20/11  08:35pm


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I don’t personally own one but i have wanted one for a long time and what helped me was a yahoo groups called coatimundi i think just search that its whichever has the most members they are very nice and helpful

04/01/11  08:28pm


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  Message To: SamanthaAK   In reference to Message Id: 2212525


Theyre absolutely adorable...BUT they have a nasty temper. I dont have one personally but ive worked at an exotic animAl sanctuary for the last 2 1/2 yrs where i care for one. They can be sweet as babies..but as they get older they will get slightly more aggressive..i wouldnt recommend one as a pet, but i wont stop you. They are very neat animals. Good luck!

05/08/11  06:18pm

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