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 Help with blue leg hermit crab...:)

Starting small saltwater tank, with one blue leg hermit crab, and i need info for the is a link to one:

Do they need any heat?


i also have 2 land hermit crabs that need new homes ASAP.

02/16/11  11:11am


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  Message To: Jefwithonef005   In reference to Message Id: 2205256

 Help with blue leg hermit crab...:)

Hermit crabs are land animals and can’t be kept in saltwater fish tank. They need a good amount of floor space and a substrate that allows for burrowing like sand. They need to be kept at temperatures ranging from 82 to 90 degrees during the day and 75 to 85 during the night, which is best achieved with a heat pad or a small lightbulb.

05/22/13  08:52pm


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  Message To: Reptilekeeper14   In reference to Message Id: 2297602

 Help with blue leg hermit crab...:)

Blue leg hermit crabs are a fully aquatic species, not land hermits.

You will need to cycle your aquarium first, and it’s best to keep at least a 10g. Otherwise, the water parameters fluctuate too much, making it difficult for you to keep the hermits alive. You may as well also keep more than one. is good for research.

02/28/16  12:08pm

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