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 New Hedgehog!

Hi all, just wanted to share my new pet, and get name opinions!

This is my 4 month old Pinto boy, just picked him up a few days ago from North Carolina!

So far I’ve got a few ideas...

Also open to suggestion, PLEASE No Sonics, Spikes, or Prickles!! LOL

10/06/10  10:23pm


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  Message To: Primal_Heart   In reference to Message Id: 2179496

 New Hedgehog!

Aww he kinda looks like my piper! Shes a pinto too! :). I had a hard time naming joey(my male hedgie who is a reverse pinto). i was stuck between joey and piglet haha! Ill show you a pic of joey to show why :)



10/12/10  03:22pm


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  Message To: AmbersGerbabies   In reference to Message Id: 2180652

 New Hedgehog!

Ahhh Joey is SOO cute!!!!

01/26/11  10:32am


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Jefwithonef005   In reference to Message Id: 2201138

 New Hedgehog!

where do you get one from ive lways wanted one

02/19/11  01:31am


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2205732

 New Hedgehog!

I got mine from tails and scales which is a reptile shop. The petco out here in Colorado Springs had one but I have no idea if they still have the little cutie. I’d check local petshops though. Almost all local petshops out around me have hedgehogs.

02/19/11  05:18pm

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