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MisterKabob   Old rex  

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in my yard there are so many deers! :D but there is this one deer. who i named Stantler, she is probably 1-2 years old about the same size as a baby but no speckles (juvenile) she had been attacked by some animal (cougar, other deer, raccoon. something) and she is residing in our yard. we have a water bucket for her and apples. its so sad D: wild life control cant do anything because she could do damage to someone or her self. so we have to watch her to see if she is doing okay, if not we will have to call the sheriff.. D: i hope she will be fine. :D :D ill get pictures of her and do updates if you guys and gals want to know


09/05/10  07:28pm


Old rex
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Awwwnpoor thing. I’m a deer hunter and all but I don’t like to see any animal suffer. If her sounds are infected its better to have the sheriff or someone just kill it. Deer are pretty tough and take that from a deer hunter but if they get it in the back legs it really slows them down and eventually kills them

01/05/12  10:41pm

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