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 Pet Pig Care & Questions

if any1 knows about a pet pig care website, book, ect. id luv 2 know. or if ud just wanna tell me the basic needs and care for a pet pig. most likely a pot belly. im planning on owning a pig in the future as as pet. ive luvd pigs ever since i was young and really want one. [plz no mean comments r telling me to look elsewhere]
i also have a few questions:

1. wat breed of pig has the best temperment?
2. wat other breeds do usually ppl own as pets?
3. do you know of any farm or pig rescue around southern california?
4. do pigs drool a lot? (just curious)
5. how long do healty pigs live for?
6. wat breed do u recomend?
7. wat names for a pig do u recomend?
8. how much do they weigh as adults and how much when born generaly?
9. where can i buy 1 besides rescues?

10. the rest i just need general care like: (most information geard towards pot belly pigs)
-wat to feed and how much
-how often to bath and wat product
-excercise routeens
-wat shots and vacines r needed?



03/13/10  07:05pm

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