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 Who belives in the Chubacabra?

I do! When me and my freind were in Hawaii we saw one in a tree with a fish!!!!!! I know many of you wont belive me but its true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/09/09  05:17pm


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  Message To: Toadalytoad   In reference to Message Id: 2093762

 Who belives in the Chubacabra?

why would it be eating a fish when the chupacabra sucks blood from animals? fish have very litttle blood to suck so i am sure that what you saw was not a chupacabra

also many of the other accounts of the chupacabra were proven to be foxes with severe case of mange

i am not saying it isnt possible since i am sure there are plenty of undiscovered species out there especially when some that we know of are so close to extinction if there were only a few hundred left shure they might be hiding well enough for us not to have found them

but i will not beleive 100% unless they capture and prove it exists, a picture of an animal that doesnt look healthy doesnt prove anything jmo

11/12/09  12:12am


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  Message To: Lovetheleo   In reference to Message Id: 2094598

 Who belives in the Chubacabra?

srry to break it to ya, but no one belives that chubacabra’s r real. they’re not real

11/12/09  12:22am

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